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Web Design

Web design is the way your company is displayed on internet. To be effective a website should be attractive and have simple interface so that the user can use it easily. It should reflect your corporate image and colors. It is a very powerful tool in today’s changing world where thing are increasing been done online.. Today’s customer does not want to go out and buy thing, He would rather sit in the comfort of his home and choose and buy things, and websites are the tools which make this possible. If you don’t have a website it is time to have ONE!!

Websites use a markup language called HTML. At present most website are created using HTML5. Website typically contains HTML tags that are used for placing text and graphic images in a design created by the web designer. While the design is created in HTML other code base languages like Java and CSS sheets and PHP are used to control and make it interactive with the user , like for example place a order online on a marketing website.