Australia is a developed and one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.
Neighboring countries include :
Papua New Guinea,
Indonesia and East Timor to the North,
The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to the North-East,
New Zealand to the South-East.

Australia ranks high in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Australia is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy which has six states
New South Wales (NSW)
Queensland (QLD)
South Australia (SA)
Tasmania (TAS)
Victoria (VIC)
Western Australia (WA)
Two major mainland territories :
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
The Northern Territory (NT)

Although there is no official language, English has always been entrenched as the de facto national language, Australia has 37 government-funded universities and two private universities, as well as a number of other specialist institutions that provide approved courses at the higher education level. Australian degrees are recognized worldwide and institutions offer flexible pathways for career courses. Many Australian institutions have strong international student associations.



  • It’s a world’s 6th largest country.
  • Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian Oceans
  • It’s occupying an entire continent of some 7.6 million square kilometers.
  • There are over 23 million people living in Australia
  • It has 16 world heritage listed sites including historic townships, cities and landscapes.
  • Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations
  • Academic programs are offered in English or Italian, with some institutions offering instruction in both languages.
  • Trimester system with admission in February, April, July and October.


  • Australia was originally called New Holland
  • Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world,Lonely Planet' for travelers is based in Melbourne Australia
  • Australia provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages you to be innovative, creative and think independently.
  • Post Qualification work & settlement options
  • Opportunities to explore Job’s & PR prospects.
  • Today's Australia is very multicultural with Indigenous peoples and migrants from some 200 countries. The Australian dollar is the currency for the nation
  • The climate of Australia is significantly influenced by ocean currents.
  • Along with New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore, Australia is party to the Five Power Defense Arrangements,
  • Over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in Australia including 45 Indigenous languages. The most common non-English spoken languages are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.
  • The only place in the world where you can still find the lung fish which is a living fossil from the Triassic period 350 million years ago.

23,574,377, with more than two-thirds of urban population in major Cities (68%) and the remainder (32%) in regional and remote areas.

LARGEST STATE: Western Australia
LARGEST CITIES: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Logan City
SMALLEST CITIES: Gerald ton, Bowral-Mittagong Nowra-Bomaderry, ,Busselton Dubbo Kalgoorlie-Boulder.
LANGUAGES: English, Italian (2.3%), Greek (1.6%), Cantonese (1.2%), Arabic(1.0%), Vietnamese(0.8%).


INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED DEGREE : As a minimum entry to post graduate courses in Australia generally requires you to provide evidence that you have successfully completed an appropriate undergraduate qualification that is comparable to an Australian bachelor degree from a recognized institution. Entry to higher levels of postgraduate study (such as a masters or doctoral degree) may require completion of a bachelor honor’s degree, a graduate certificate or a graduate diploma. Certain postgraduate courses may also require relevant work experience or research ability.

EDUCATION SYSTEM : Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with more than 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from. You can study at all levels of education from primary and secondary school, to vocational education and training (VET), from English language courses to higher education (including universities).Regardless of what you are studying or how long you are studying for, Australia’s laws promote quality education and protection for international students.

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES : Australia is the largest alliance dedicated to making health and medical research a higher national priority. Government spends about AUD 50 billion on procurement every year in Australia. Australia is a country that embraces risk, learns from mistakes, is ambitious and experiments to find solutions. The Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) is based on global best practices for procurement; adopting aspects of the United States’ Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the United Kingdom’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI). The SBIR in particular has successfully supported businesses in their early stages that have subsequently become global success stories, such as security firm Symantec and telecommunications equipment and semiconductor maker Qualcomm.

LANGUAGE EDUCATION : This general attitude towards language learning is not only evident in the uptake of foreign languages by students in schools and the provision of foreign languages as outlined in current curriculum policies, but is also noticeable in the everyday teaching and learning in Australian language classrooms. Over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in Australia including 45 Indigenous languages. The most common non-English spoken languages are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin. A distinction became drawn between priority languages and community languages. The ten priority languages identified were Mandarin, French, German, Modern Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, and Italian, Korean, Spanish and Aboriginal languages. At least one language other than English (LOTE) among their course choices.

LIBERAL IMMIGRATION : The Government has also established the Australian Border Force – streamlining and integrating agencies to better protect the nation’s borders and keep Australia safe and secure. Australia’s plan will provide growth, jobs and a secure future for the people living in the country.

LEARNING AND LEISURE : Learning in Australia suggests that developments in national policy are likely to come through strategies that target clienteles of older workers through community-based programs and workplace initiatives .Many leisure activities have a positive impact on health and wellbeing by providing benefits such as relaxation, social connections and physical activity. Leisure is a concept that relates to activities undertaken by a person outside of work for enjoyment, refreshment, relaxation or diversion and includes hobbies, socializing, recreation, sports and artistic pursuits. Ageing policy has set its sights on older workers especially those less skilled workers involuntarily retired through redundancy and those who have opted out of the labour market. The educational component of this policy meshes with other political agendas for change to industrial relations law, retirement and superannuation policies, welfare-to-work reform and the role of employment services and changed Federal-State arrangements for the direction and funding of vocational education and training. For this reason, a later section of the paper will review how ‘adult learning’ is being cast in new social policy molds. However, it is first necessary to review the policy interest in the ageing of the population. Australia provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages you to be innovative, creative and think independently.

POSSIBILITY TO WORK :Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding Jobs and hold prominent position worldwide. Students can work up to 20 hours per week when college is in commenced. Students can up to 40 hours or unlimited hours when holidays.

MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY AND A PLEASANT DESTINATION : Study in Australia is more affordable than most other destinations and offers a high standard of quality education, excellent living condition and a tolerant multicultural society. Australian universities are most favoured destinations across the world. Australian Education is uniquely different and helps a student usher into a creative, innovative and independently thinking professional. Australia’s Higher Education Institutions rank among the world’s best and the quality of education they offer is correspondingly high. Higher education in Australia provides value for money by offering shorter and more intensive courses; they quickly incorporate latest innovations in science & technology, modern trends in marketing & management in their diploma/degree programs. Hence, Australian education is more practical and responsive to the needs of Trade & Industry. Australia seems to be high on the list for many reasons. The main reasons that make Australia the most preferred destination for higher studies are: excellent education and training, the best quality education, safe and multicultural atmosphere, low expenses, support and care and many more.


Fall October/November July/August
Winter February/March November/December

Cost of Education for Studying in AUSTRALIA

Tuition Fee (CADCAD):
  • Postgraduate Master’s Degree - AUD 18,000 to AUD 28,000*
  • 1 AUD = ₹ 51 on average *depending on the exchange rate fluctuations
  • Accommodation (AUDAUD ): This cost will vary if you stay outside university accommodation AUD 2000 - AUD 6500
  • Minimum Cost of Living (AUDAUD ): This cost will vary if you stay outside university accommodation. Average Total – AUD 7,000 - AUD 10000 per annum


To be assured of obtaining the best quality advice about the opportunities available for studying in Australia, you should register with Huxley Overseas.

After registration you will be carefully guided through a number of key stages, maximizing the chances of getting admission in the institutions of your choice. This is how we at Huxley Overseas, work on Australia admissions process.

  • Registration : You register with Huxley Overseas and be assured of obtaining the best quality advice.
  • Profiling : We make an assessment of academic qualifications, work experience, financial status, career goals as well as life interests and aspirations.
  • Standardized Tests : We evaluate the requirement of any standardized tests you may need to take or review results that has been already obtained.
  • University/Course Selection : Together, we will shortlist potential universities and courses that match your profile.
  • Document Editing : We edit essays, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation and Resume, which have been written by you.
  • Application Review and Submission : The completed application forms are reviewed before they are submitted to your final choice of universities.
  • Interview Preparation : We assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the chosen universities.
  • Visa Counseling : We assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the High Commissions or Embassies, as well as the collation and review of relevant documentation for submission of the visa application.
  • Pre-Departure Information : We deliver comprehensive information about the country of choice to ensure that you are completely prepared for life at an overseas university.
  • Exams for Studying in Australia : Students have to pass one or more additional tests before they can be considered by most universities for admission. These range from the standardized graduate and college admission tests such as GMAT and SAT to English Language tests, such as TOEFL, PTE and IELTS.


  • Online Visa Application Process-( immi Account by Agent).
  • Visa Fee : AUD 550.
  • Strong SOP.
  • All Documents copies(clear & legible to be uploaded).
  • E Medical confirmation.
  • All Documents soft copies.
  • Visa processing time is 30-40 days.

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We make an assessment of academic qualifications, work experience,financial status, career goals as well as life interests and aspirations.

Standardized Tests

We evaluate the requirement of any standardised tests you may need to take or review results that has been already obtained.

Country/University Selection

Taking into consideration your academic background,financial capabilities, subjects of interest and future aspirations, Huxley Overseas will help you in identifying the right course in the right university with the right country of choice.

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