Automobile Devices

A fast Changing market landscape, consumer requirements and new government regulations are fueling the automotive industry to innovate constantly and improve performance and reduced material costs. As an early adopter of new and promising technologies, the industry looks toward innovative solutions to achieve these goals. In order to enable engineering departments achieve higher level of innovation more efficiently Cedron provides with all the required tools, ranging from analyzing component performance to system level design. Management of the enormous simulation data generated during the design and development process is critical for automotive companies, and Cedron is providing solutions in Simulation Data and Process Management.

While the OEM concentrates on gaining market share and entering new markets, we at Cedron can give the solutions you need to make your vehicle modern, sophisticated and competitive. With our subject matter experts in the automotive sector and embedded systems, we can build cost-competitive, high quality solutions to suit your needs. We offer a low cost, outsourcing model wherein industry standards of high quality and efficiency are maintained. Being a ‘Design to Prototype’ provider we can help you drastically reduce your time-to-market, thereby keeping your customers engaged and constantly

End-to-end Technology Solutions

Cedron acts as a one-stop shop providing solutions from concept to product development, testing and release through a low-cost, offshore model. It also offers post-production maintenance and support with the highest checks on quality, accuracy and efficiency. Our team of engineers has a deep understanding of the automotive sector having worked in it for over a decade and a half. This model can also lower the cost of ‘bill of material’ translating into significant savings for the OEM.

Automotive Services